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This blog is in Polish. It is about netlabels, free culture, cultural industries, popular music studies and changes which take place on the music market. Here's some information in English:

About current research project:
According to Wikipedia "A netlabel (also online label, web label or MP3 label) is a record label that distributes its music primarily through digital audio formats (mainly MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) over the Internet. These music-files are often called netaudio. While similar to traditional record labels in many respects, netlabels typically emphasize free distribution online, often under licenses that encourage works to be shared (e.g., Creative Commons licenses), and artists usually retain copyright. Most employ guerrilla marketing to promote their work; few netlabels earn money for participants."

I'm interested in learning more about netlabels. They are important element of music scene and some of them distribute exceptionally good music. That is why since late 2008 I  have been conducting research on netlabels. You can download summary results of the first part of my research on netlabels here and here. You can also read about my research on Phlow Magazine.

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If you are looking for a up-to-date list of netlabels, check these websites: or go to my blog and click links on the right-hand side menu


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